For Patients

International Information

Patients from overseas frequently elect to come to South Africa for Cosmetic surgical procedures.

The current exchange rate makes this a favourable proposition in terms of cost and the standard of Plastic Surgery is generally high.

It is usually possible in addition to visit some of the other attractions for which the country is so well known. South Africa is sometimes referred to as a world in one country with a plethora of attractions for the tourist.

This page contains hints and advice for patients who are considering coming to South Africa for surgery.

How to Find a Surgeon

There is a full address list on this website. Our members are well trained in all aspects of Plastic Surgery. It will be appreciated that, as an Association, we are unable to recommend individual surgeons.

It is vitally important for patients to be comfortable with their surgeon, particularly when considering elective surgery. We would advise patients to have a consultation with a surgeon in the area of their choice but not to hesitate to have a second or subsequent consultation if necessary.

Choose a member of the Association of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons of Southern Africa (APRASSA) when looking for a surgeon. This guarantees that the surgeon of your choice has been well trained in Plastic Surgery.

Several of our members are also members of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Details are available on the website from the “Links” page.


There is no standard guide to fees for cosmetic procedures. The most satisfactory way of obtaining an estimate of costs is to contact the surgeon directly. Make certain that the estimate includes the surgical fee, the hospital costs, anaesthesia and cost of implants or prosthetic material if applicable.

Our members normally charge standard local rates even for overseas patients.

Further Information

Our website contains some information regarding plastic surgical procedures and is in the process of being gradually improved. If you require further information click on the “Links” page. This will give you access to reputable plastic surgical information with illustrations of many of the commonly performed procedures.

Planning the Surgery

It is very important to allow sufficient time for adequate pre-operative consultation and repeat consultation if required.

After the operation time for complete follow-up is also imperative. For some procedures this could take up to three weeks. This would include suture removal and monitoring for possible surgical complications.

Hospitals and Anaesthesia

The standard of South African private hospitals and clinics is well up to international standards. Some cosmetic procedures are done on an outpatient basis; some require admission for one or two nights.

The standard of the anaesthetic service is excellent. As a result more procedures tend to be done under general anaesthesia than may be the case elsewhere.

Unsuitability for Surgery

The final decision on whether or not to undertake a surgical procedure must rest with the surgeon concerned. The more information you can give your prospective surgeon beforehand the better. This might include photographs.

Overseas Registrars

Plastic surgery trainees who are considering coming to South Africa to further their training have two main options.

Full Registrar posts. These posts normally require the prior attainment of the FCS part 1(b), of the College of Medicine of South Africa or an FRCS. They are usually heavily oversubscribed. Supernumerary Registrar posts. These are for a minimum period of three months. It is necessary to register as a student of the University concerned. For further information you can contact the chairman of the Educational Subcommittee, Prof A Madaree, Head of the Department of Plastic Surgery, Wentworth Hospital at: