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The following are categories of membership available, according to the Constitution of the Association.

Full Members - Voting

Candidates for Full membership shall be registered at the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) as Plastic Surgeons. These candidates shall be proposed and seconded in writing by voting members of the Association to the Honorary Secretary at least two months prior to the AGM. Their names will be submitted by the Executive Committee to the AGM for election as Full Members. Approval of their election requires a two-thirds majority in a closed ballot.

Student Members - Non Voting

A student member shall be a plastic surgeon in training in an approved institution. He/she shall be proposed and seconded by a Full member of the Association in the training institution concerned and his/her Student membership will require a majority vote of the Executive Committee. This class of membership ceases with termination or completion of training. They are not eligible to attend the Association’s General Meetings.

Life Members - Voting

Life membership may be conferred on a Full member of the Association who has attained the age of 65 years, whether retired or not. A Life member retains full voting rights but is exempt from subscriptions. This class of membership is conferred after application by the member to the Executive Committee and requires a majority approval vote of the Committee.

Affiliated Members - Non Voting

Plastic Surgeons, either registered specialists or registrars in training who are not members of the SAMA may apply to the Executive Committee for Affiliated membership of the Association - for a maximum period of three years, where after they must either become members of SAMA and apply for Associate or Full membership of the Association, or they must resign their Affiliated membership. Provided that at all times the membership of the Association (excluding Honorary member) shall consist of at least 85% of Full members of the SAMA.

Associate Members - Non Voting

Persons who are not medical practitioners but are registered in terms of the Health Professions Act or who are involved with the discipline or medical science associated with the Association shall be entitled to apply for associate membership, provided that the professional body of which they are members, does not object. Associate members shall not have voting rights in matters affecting the Association, and their participation in the activities of the Association shall be limited to professional and technical matters.

Honorary Members - Non Voting

An honour which may be bestowed on the distinguished by unanimous vote of the Executive Committee, provided that such an election complies with the Articles of Association of SAMA: i.e. prominent scientists, medical practitioners and other persons residing within or outside the Republic, whether they are members of the Medical Association or not, may be elected as Honorary members of the Association, if in the opinion of the Executive Committee they have made valuable contributions to the advancement of medical science or to the welfare and benefit of the Association.

Corresponding Members - Non Voting

Plastic Surgeons not resident in South Africa may apply to the Executive Committee for Corresponding Membership. If you would like to enquire about membership please feel free to contact us.