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In 1956 there were 6 registered Plastic surgeons in South Africa.

Dr.Jack Penn , the senior surgeon, had returned to South Africa in 1941 from England and had founded the Brenthurst Clinic to deal with the infinitive of war. After the war he started private practice in Johannesburg and was joined in this town by Dr.James Cuthbert and Dr. Dennis Walker, who were responsible for running the teaching unit at the general hospital. In Cape Town Dr. Norman Petersen and Dr. D.S.Davies had founded the teaching unit at Groote Schuur hospital and at the University of Natal and Wentworth hospital Dr. B.W.Franklin Bishop had followed suit.

In August 1956 a meeting was convened at the Brenthurst Clinic to which all the registered Plastic Surgeons were invited for the purpose of forming an Association of Plastic Surgeons of Southern Africa . The British Association of Plastic Surgeons had been formed 10 years earlier in 1946 and it is significant that one of the young surgeons delegated to draft their constitution was present at our inauguration – Dr. James Cuthbert. At this meeting Dr. Jack Penn was elected first President and D. Walker, Hon.Secretary/Treasurer. At the following meeting in February 1957 it was announced that these prominent surgeons had gladly accepted Honorary Membership of our association:

Prof. Pomfret Kilner had agreed to attend a Medical Association meeting to be held in Durban in September 1957 and present a paper. This he did with great success and during our subsequent AGM he presented our association with an ebony and silver gavel as a welcoming gift from the British Association of Plastic Surgeons and he took the opportunity to welcome us into the world fellowship of plastic surgeons.

By 1962 we had more than 10 full members and well established teaching units in each major centre. Dr. David Davies proposed that we should apply to the Medical Association for recognition as a group. This was done and our association started its explosive growth to its present day membership
  • Sir Harold Gillies
  • Sir Archibald McIndoe
  • Prof. Pomfret Kilner
  • Mr. Rainsford Mowlem
  • Dr. Sterling Bunnell
  • Dr. James Barrett Brown
  • Dr. Robert Ivy
  • Dr. Jerome P. Webster
  • Dr A Aiache
  • Prof H Anderl
  • DR R A Barnette
  • Prof J J Baudet
  • Prof B Bauer
  • Dr H Becker
  • Dr D C Birdsell
  • Dr T R Broadbent
  • Dr S Byrd
  • Dr B Cannon
  • Dr C Castanares
  • Dr J H Carraway
  • Prof R Chase
  • Prof Yu-Ray Chen
  • Dr M Cohen
  • Dr R O Dingman
  • Dr R Ellenbogen
  • DR M W J Ferguson
  • Dr D Furnas
  • Dr M Gonzales-Ulloa
  • Prof U T Hinderer
  • Prof H Holstrom
  • Dr C Horton
  • Dr I Jackson
  • Dr B Jones
  • Prof M Lejour
  • Dr W Losken
  • Dr E Manders
  • Prof D Marchac
  • Prof G Matton
  • Dr P Maxwell
  • Dr J May
  • Prof D A Mc Grouther
  • Prof W Morrison
  • Dr W Muhlbauer
  • Dr I Munro
  • Dr F Nahai
  • Dr F Nicholle
  • Dr S Noordhoff
  • Dr F Ortiz-Monasterio
  • Dr C Perlyn
  • Dr R Piggott
  • Prof I Pitanguy
  • Dr M Poole
  • Prof J Pribaz
  • Mr A H N Roberts
  • Dr BC Sommerlad
  • Dr S Spear
  • Dr G (Ian) Taylor
  • Dr P Tessier
  • Dr C van der Kolk
  • Dr J van der Meulen
  • Dr B Zide